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 "A masterful painter. She can paint anything - a light bulb, a fish, a mattress, a portrait, a bottle, a brass kettle - as expertly as anyone."  

Lawrence Campbell, Art Critic & Renown Pennsylvania Impressionist

Carlos Guerrero Donating Barbara Postel Painting to Doylestown Health

Barbara Postel Landscape Painting Donated to Doylestown Health

Bucks County Herald

December 2022

When it comes to providing a positive, uplifting environment, Doylestown Health recognizes the power of healing through fine art and is grateful to Carlos Guerrero for donating a beautiful landscape painting.

Bucks County Herald Artist of the week Bio July 2020

Artist of the Week:
Barbara Postel

Bucks County Herald

July 2020

This week, we are highlighting the late Barbara Postel of New Hope, who was a lifelong adventuress, afraid of nothing, excited by everything, and unflinchingly fueled by her passions.

Postel's View of Nature 1990

Bold Strokes Show Artist's View of Nature

Delaware Valley News

October 1990

Critics have called her a master colorist and Postel's choice of vibrant color amplifies her view of nature. In her most recent work, Ms. Postel dwells on "the majestic spiritual side of nature in bold, expressive designs."

Barbara Postel Bather Series 1989

"Bathers" Series by
Barbara Postel

Lambertville Sun

June 1989

"The Bathers," a new series of oil paintings by Barbara Postel, is featured at Blackburn and Yates Gallery in Frenchtown for the summer season. 

Bucks County Herald Artist of the week Bio July 2020

Art & Science 'Like Magic'

Bulletin of Hillsborough & Somerville

May 1986

In Barbara Postel's unusual paintings of the Delaware River, bold purple, oranges, blacks and deep blues sweet across the canvas. These powerful landscapes reveal the energetic approach to life that has led this Bucks County artist to investigate a broad range of interests.

Television Interview
Art Beat, May 1991


Art Beat interviews Barbara Postel

Pyramid Studios, Point Pleasant, PA


Women Artists Calendar & Datebook,

Cedco Publishing


Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America,

Constance Franklin


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